Sunday, May 16, 2010

January 2010

January was a month that had its ups and downs. There was fun, romance, snow and a little naughtiness.

On an outing, Mom and Luke discovered the “best park ever”. Its toys were all space themed; perfect for our boy.

When it snowed the kids went out to play and sled. Luke decided to bust a move.

That’s my boy

Stacey and I have been really lucky with Luke. He was never a biter, doesn’t usually break stuff, and generally will not make a huge mess of things unless they are his toys.

One day, though, Stacey came into the living room to find 8 pieces of furniture looking like this:

When I was alerted of the situation by text, I knew my wife’s prized vintage sofa was intact. I knew this because my son yet lived.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

December 2009

December was another month of travels. Stacey and Luke had gone to DC again to help out with Granddad who had just had knee surgery. They arrived just in time to be trapped in the city due to record breaking snow storms

Luke’s foot apparel clearly demonstrates how unanticipated this weather was.

Eventually Dad made it down too; and all was right in the world.

The trip was made all the more fun with the arrival of the Larsen clan. Good news, we love cousins

Now, lets move on to what this month is all about. The presents:


Other People's presents

Best Toys Ever!

The Loot

Thanks to Nana, Luke got 2 Christmases. When we got back to New York, there was a box of presents that had come in the mail while the boy was away.

Novermber 2009

This month was made up of visiting a lot of family and taking very few photos. In the beginning of November, Stacey and Luke hopped on a bus and went down to DC to visit my parents (who had just moved to the Capitol that summer).

One of the outings consisted of taking in the sites in the downtown area. This was the only picture taken.

Obviously the photographer (a grandparent) was more interested in Luke than in the Capitol Building.

Later in the month we went to Wendell to spend Thanksgiving with the Briggs. Please beleive me, it was a very fun and eventful trip. Unfortunately, we took no photos ourselves. Auntie Holly, however, did cruise through town at the end of our little holiday and took our family photo:

All our city friends thought this picture was awesome. They loved the rustic look, the amazing scenery, the vintage feel. Our family in Idaho thought, "Oh, you took it outside".

Friday, October 16, 2009

some oldies but goodies

" wee haw"

bobble head luke

first day of (play) school!

playing at the highline park with jonah
luke's old room

in style with cousin kyle

gramma sue

fourth of july


dance baby dance

here is a little clip from the birthday party. does this boy know how to groove or what?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Look who is 2
The theme of his party was: Bubbles, Balloons & Balls, Oh My!

I think he had fun.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Carioca: A native or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This is Ipanema Beach (from the song: tall and tan and young and hansome...).
It is Indian for dangerous waves.
Copacabanna beach where we stayed.
Here is a sandcastle Joe made all by himself.

The trolly.
An amazing one-man ongoing exhibit by the artist Selaron with tiles from all over the world.

The famous Christ the Redeemer Statue that overlooks the city. During Carnival, they cover his eyes so he can't see what what is going on. Ha!
So many beautiful buildings.

All the sidwalks are made of stone mosaics.

A little taste of home.